At SEC we’re thinking about, talking about, and informing you about everything to do with sex, sexuality, and sexual health. We offer free safer-sex supplies, educational talks and workshops, peer counseling, in-print and online resources, an engaging, non-judgmental social space and a series of fun, sex-positive events throughout the year.

A list of our available supplies is now available in a menu online. Please click the link to have a look! If anything pleases your eye, you are free to come up to the office to pick up some supplies; you are also free to order them through our bulk ordering service.

We are in support of the Ask First campaign at UofT. You can find more information about the campaign here. 2014 ask first button final-page-001

SEC News and Media
Queer Tea in Public Spaces
Alongside Queer Orientation 2014, SEC is inviting you to take up space on your campus! Good company, yummy tea and snacks, board games…drop by or stay a while! This is a queer identified, identity-positive, and inclusive event.
A Conversation around Party Culture, Sex Positivity, Safer Sex, and Sobriety
This panel discussion will be an open forum exploring the intersections of sex positive spaces, party culture, accessibility, and safety. We aim to interrogate the question of what constitutes safe(r) social spaces. Issues addressed by the speakers will incorporate harm reduction, “sexual” bodies, racialization, consent in social spaces.


Keep in touch with us via social media! Check us out on facebook to see the latest and greatest of events, as well as an open forum on facebook. We also have a twitter you can follow and get updates about new blog posts, books, events and more!