About Us

The University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Support Centre is a 100% not-for-profit, volunteer-run student service/student group at the University of Toronto, St. George campus.
As a levy-funded organization, all supplies and services provided by SEC are available free of charge to the University of Toronto community.
The Sexual Education Centre offers a free, confidential, non-judgmental peer support approach to sex education. The services currently offered to all University of Toronto students, faculty, staff, community members and organizations include: phone support, an informative website, one-to-one peer support, library and resource services, residence and high school talks, Sexual Awareness Week, workshops, referral services, and much more.


Our Mission


SEC’s constitution defines its mission and the responsibilities of its members and executive. You may download a copy here: 2015.10.30 Constitution. The constitution was last updated in November 2015. The constitution is updated every Annual General Meeting (AGM)



SEC is a non-profit organization, and as such uses all its revenue to fulfill the organization’s purpose of providing access to a broad range of sexual education programs, resources, and support.

This revenue comes from both undergraduate and graduate student levies. SEC’s funding is used to pay for new print and media resources to disseminate to the University of Toronto General Community, presentations and events both on- and off-campus, safer sex supplies, training of volunteers, and various administrative fees.

The proposed budget for this fiscal year can be viewed here. Any inquiries regarding this budget or other financial matters can be sent to

2016-2017 UTSEC Proposed Budget


Executive Committee: 

It takes a team to direct an organization such as SEC. Consequently, we have eight executive members that oversee all of SEC’s aspects and make sure things run smoothly. Every year in April, these executives are voted in via an election. Any current member of SEC may vote in this election. The positions and their responsibilities are as follows. Please click the “Executive Committee” tab at the top of this page for details of each position.


Contact Us

Want to know how to reach us? Here you can find the address to our office, as well as the contact information for each of our executive members.



21 Sussex Avenue

Suite 612
Toronto ON
M5S 1J6

Our office is located on the top floor of Sussex Court in the heart of the historic Huron-Sussex neighbourhood. Sussex Court is located on the southwest corner of Huron Street and Sussex Avenue, steps from Robarts Library. 


Hours of Operation

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday to Friday
September through April [Fall/Winter Semesters]


Office Telephone

(416) 978-8732








Executive Members 


Executive Director

Mika Howard
Contact for all general concerns.


Volunteer Coordinators

Dan Gurfinkel & Isabel
Contact for volunteer applications and concerns.


Office Administrator

Bianca B.
Contact for concerns relating to the office, supplies, or bulk orders.


Information & Resource Coordinator

Adam Wynne
Contact for concerns relating to SEC’s website, library, and print resource collection


Finance Coordinator

Lauren Leyser
Contact for questions regarding our budget or our levy fund.


Public Relations Representative

Rachel Peng
Contact for media affairs and SEC branding.


SEC External Education Team

 Elizabeth S. & Leah W.
Contact for presentation and workshops.


Levy Coordinator

Mackenzie Edwards
Contact for levy information.


Graduate Representative 

Chelsea M.
Contact for graduate student concerns.


Library and Print Resources

New for 2016!

The SEC library catalogue is now available for browsing online.

Visit our catalogue by clicking here!

Our in-office library collection is home to over 800 print resources reflecting the full diversity of sex, sexuality, and sexual health literature. Please visit our online catalogue or our office to browse the collections!
Books, with the exception of the reference and archival collections, are loaned for a 2 week period.  Feel free to ask our volunteers for more information regarding loans. Please note that we are independent and not affiliated with the University of Toronto’s library system.
Please send all title acquisition suggestions [with a brief explanation] to Adam Wynne, Information and Resources Coordinator at:


Print Resources

SEC distributes print resources from sexual health organizations free of charge. Please visit our office to see the full range of materials available.
For bulk orders of print resources, please e-mail Adam Wynne, Information and Resources Coordinator, at 
Bulk print resource orders will be available 10-14 business days after the request is received.




Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM:
Sign Language for Sexy Situations

Click here for the facebook event page!

In collaboration with Deaf Spectrum, SEC presents: Sign Language for Sexy Situations! Join us for a fun and casual workshop in which we’ll learn basic words and phrases in ASL (American Sign Language), and how to use them to talk about sex.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re fluent in ASL or a total beginner. The workshop will be presented in both ASL and spoken English.




Safer Sex Supplies

The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre provides FREE safer sex supplies, including latex and latex free condoms, lubricants, nitrile gloves, dental dams, and much more at our office. Feel free to drop by anytime during our operating hours to pick up any of these items.


Bulk Orders 

If you or your organization would like to request a bulk order of supplies, please fill out our online form here. Please include specific quantities for each variety that you order. If you do not receive a response, please follow up with our Office Administrator at
Please note that we do not offer bulk orders for personal use. 

SEC does not deliver or ship individual or bulk orders.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation notice. We aim to fill bulk orders within 5 business days. We will notify you when your order becomes available.
Orders will be held for 14 days after a notice of availability is dispatched.
We are unfortunately unable to provide orders of over 144 condoms to groups or events not sponsored or affiliated with the University of Toronto.


Safer Sex Menu

Please see below for the list of supplies that SEC provides.
Please note that due to high demand certain products may be unavailable.

Products of the Month!

Keep an eye here for updates!


Regular Condoms


Lifestyles Regular Lubricated
The standard, run-of-the-mill condom. Nothing terribly special about it,
but nevertheless a timeless classic.


Lifestyles Assorted Colours
Regular condoms, except they come in a variety of colours.
They come in red, yellow and green.


Thinner Condoms


Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive 
Thinner condom (0.07 mm wall instead of 0.08),
but just as strong


Lifestyles Ultra Thin
Our thinnest condom, with a 0.055 mm wall
rather than 0.08 mm. Formerly known as Natural Feeling.


Enhanced Condoms



Lifestyles Snugger Fit
Has a contoured shape that fits snuggly
just below the head of the penis. Formerly known as ‘True Fit.’



Lifestyle Ribbed
A condom for enhancing the receptive partner’s
pleasure with its dozens of latex ribs.


Special Condoms


Lifestyles Tough

A stronger condom because of its thicker wall construction. 


 Lifestyles Latex Free
 Non-latex condoms for those with latex allergies.


Lifestyles Flavoured
Ideally used for non-penetrative sex only.
Strawberry, banana, or vanilla.



Hardcover Flavoured
Information coming soon.

Larger Condoms



Lifestyles Large
Wider than regular condoms.



Image result for atlas xl condom

Atlas Extra Large

Please note that this product has limited availability
due to supplier discontinuation. Please contact SEC for stock queries.
Slightly larger and wider than Lifestyles Large.


Non-Lubricated Condoms


Lifestyles Non-Lubricated
Dry latex condoms; ideal for oral sex and for those adverse to lubricant.


Internal Condoms



FC2 Internal Condom
At SEC, we call this the Receptive Partner condom as
these can be used both vaginally and anally by both male and
female identified bodies.This is latex-free, and safe for those with latex sensitivities
or allergies – it is made of nitrile, with a polyurethane inner ring.




Non-Friction Lube
Premium water based lube stays slick and fells like silk.
Glycerin-free and does not contain parabens.


Additional lubricant information coming soon.


Dental Dams

Trustex Dental Dams
Information coming soon.

Sheer Dental Dams
We are currently out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Latex sheet for protected oral sex on an orifice (cunnilingus, anilingus, etc).
The brand we carry are scented, not flavoured.


hot dams

Latex Free Dental Dams
We are currently out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Polyurethane sheet for protected oral sex
on an orifice (cunnilingus, anilingus, etc).
Meant for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.


Gloves & Finger Cots

Made of nitrile, they come in small, medium and large.



Finger Cots
For fingering fun.


Special Items


Fairhaven Health BFP Pregnancy Test Strips
These pregnancy test strips are used for early
pregnancy detection in health centres globally.



Maxithins Maxi Menstrual Products
Information coming soon. 


Volunteering at SEC

Volunteer applications for 2016/2017 are NOW CLOSED!

This section of our website is currently under construction. Apologies for its appearance. 

We’re so sorry, but we’re not accepting any more volunteers for the 2016-2016 year, check back next year to volunteer in the future, or put yourself on our email lists for other SECsy updates!
Please e-mail the volunteer coordinators at for any questions or concerns.

Volunteering at SEC

All good organizations need good people to help make them work. SEC is no exception. We need volunteers to run our office, distribute supplies, put on seminars, collect resources, and inspire events. That’s not it, of course. Volunteers at SEC are largely self-directed, only really requiring one two (2) hour shift per week in the office.
Beyond that, they can make as much or as little of their time at SEC as they choose. This makes SEC a great place for learning about what you’re interested in and then sharing your knowledge with those around you in a friendly, nonjudgmental, and sex-positive manner. For instance, if you’re interested in the interplay between sex and disability, as a volunteer you’re in a great space to learn more about it. Then, with that knowledge you can do anything from starting a discussion amongst your shiftmates to putting on a seminar to help educate your peers. This makes SEC a great place for learning as well as mobilizing that learning. If you’d  prefer to remain in the office, there are still plenty of logistical tasks that you can fill to help keep SEC running smoothly.
If you’re not sure what you want to get out of SEC but are still interested, our team of executives have a whole bunch of ideas. You can talk with them and they’ll help you develop ideas or endeavors for you to undertake that will foster personal growth and a direction.
You will also meet a ton of great people with a variety of sexual and gender identities, attitudes towards sex, backgrounds, interests, kinks and unkinks. They no doubt will offer perspective and insights from a variety of angles, enriching your worldview and hopefully helping you learn more about sex/uality.
Long story short? You direct what you get out of SEC and our executive will be there to support you every step of the way.
Volunteer at SEC. It’s awesome.


How to Volunteer

In order to start the process of applying to volunteer with us, please fill out the 2016-2017Volunteer Application form and send it to
Afterwards you may be invited for a brief interview and then to our two day, full day training in September.



How to Volunteer for External Education

Volunteer applications for 2016/2017 are NOW CLOSED!


Passionate about sexual heath education? Interested in giving sexual education presentations to members of the UofT community and beyond or helping with SEC events? Consider joining the External Education team! We are a team that provides educational presentations on a variety of topics related to sexual health, performs community outreach, tables at various events, and facilitates our own events throughout the year. Our goal is to offer education and peer support in a way that is accessible, informative, non-judgmental, and anti-oppressive. We serve the University of Toronto community, and beyond.
If you are interested in volunteering with us for External Education, please fill out the following form IN ADDITION to your Volunteer Application Form and send it to



This page is under construction. Apologies for its appearance.

The U of T Sexual Education (SEC) began its operations from a Students’ Administrative Council (SAC) Project Aid Grant in the academic year of 1976-77.
The need for a peer counselling service was manifested at the time. A group of U of T students approached the Students’ Administrative Council for funding and formed S.E.C. Originally located behind the Admissions Office on Bloor Street, SEC moved to 42A St. George after 1986. With the demolition of 42A in the winter of 1999, SEC moved to the main floor of the CIUT Building at 91 St. George Street, before finally settling in suite 612 of 21 Sussex, where it is currently located.
A standing SAC-SEC Committee existed to manage and maintain the Centre’s activities until the academic year 1984-85. However, due to the Centre’s policy on giving abortion clinic referrals if requested, we lost our funding from SAC in 1984. St. Michael’s College (a Roman Catholic Federated College at U of T) threatened to pull its funding from SAC if it continued to fund SEC. In the years of 1984-85 and 1985-86 a SEC Management Committee replaced the SAC-SEC committee. The new Centre now operates independently as a collective.
Since the loss of our core funding in 1984, we had to rely on the generosity of the various student councils and societies at U of T. SAC continued to work on joint projects with SEC thus contributing certain funding to certain events.
On March 20th and 21st, 1996, a referendum question was posed to all full-time undergraduate students in the St. George Campus (Downtown Toronto). The question read as follows:

“Do you agree that SAC should collect a 50 cent (opt-outable) levy from every undergraduate full-time student in the St. George Campus towards the operation of the University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre?”

Students voted overwhelmingly in favour of the levy. Starting in the fall of 1996, SEC began to receive direct funding from full-time undergraduate students at U of T. This funding allowed us to expand our services in many needed areas. We increased our outreach in the form of support groups, workshops, a bigger and better Sexuality Awareness Week. We were able to increase awareness about the services that SEC provides through an increase in publicity. We started an educational video library on sexuality subjects, and expanded our library. Subscriptions to journals and magazines in the field of human sexuality were re-instated, and our training was strengthened.
As of 2010, SEC has kept on keeping on with a twist; we’ve changed our name to better reflect the changing times and meaning of certain words that comes with it. Welcome to the era of the University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre.
In March 2015 SEC ran a referendum question to all graduate students at the University of Toronto asking for support of 50 cents a semester from every full time graduate student and 25 cents a semester from every part time graduate student. An additional referendeum was run for this levy to be adjusted for inflation. This levy was successful.


Financial Support

SEC is currently funded by a 25 cent per semester (50 cents a year) Levy from the Undergraduate Students at University of Toronto and a 50 cent per semester (1 dollar per year) Levy from full time Graduate Students at the University of Toronto and a 25 cent per semester (50 cents a year) levy from part time Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

The following student councils, societies, offices and organizations have contributed much valuable financial support and resources to SEC in the past years:


In addition, the Centre has benefited tremendously from the help and support of the following organizations during our training programs and event presentations:




This section of our website is currently being updated, as of October 2016. Please note that information may be out-of-date or inaccurate. 

The following directory lists clinics, services, groups, and other local community resources related to sex, sexuality, and sexual health.
Sexual Health Clinics
HIV/AIDS Resources and Services
Abortion Services, Information, and Clinics
Sexual Assault Information, Counselling, and Emergency Referrals
LGBTQ Resources and Services


Workshops and Education

The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre offers Workshops, Peer Discussions, and Educational Sessions that address many aspects of sexuality.
Presentations are offered free of charge, and can be customized depending on the group’s interests, needs, or concerns. Our educators are not certified counselors, but offer a unique source of education as peers that have extensively researched aspects of sex and sexuality, and are trained to deliver accessible and inclusive presentations.
A typical presentation covers themes such as safer sex practices, HIV/AIDS stigma, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and resources, inclusive language, relationships, negotiating consent, sexual harassment and bystander intervention, sex toy safety, debunking stereotypes, and ultimately promotes a fun and positive environment where group questions can be addressed!
Email the Education and Outreach Coordinators at for your presentation.


Peer Support

Our volunteers are ready to help you answer any questions you may have with regards to sex, sexuality, and sexual health in a welcoming,non-judgmental, sex-positive environment. We will also happily point you in the direction of services, clinics, support groups, and resources within the University of Toronto, the community at large, and online/in print.
Our anonymous peer support hotline can be reached at (416) 978-8732  or (416) 97-UTSEC during regular office hours.
You may also come in person to our office at 21 Sussex Avenue, Suite #612, where our volunteers will be happy to answer your questions
Our office hours are Monday-Friday, from 10:00am to 6:00pm.