At SEC we’re thinking about, talking about, and informing you about everything to do with sex, sexuality, and sexual health. We offer free safer-sex supplies, educational talks and workshops, peer counseling, in-print and online resources, an engaging, non-judgmental social space and a series of fun, sex-positive events throughout the year.

A list of our available supplies is now available in a menu online. Please click the link to have a look! If anything pleases your eye, you are free to come up to the office to pick up some supplies; you are also free to order them through our bulk ordering service.

SEC News and Media
New Year! Sec is now open for the new school year! We’ve returned to regular hours, Monday-Friday, 10-7
Training Volunteer applications are now CLOSED for the 2015-2016 year. Training for those accepted will be September 26th and 27th from 11-6 and 10:45-5

Upcoming Events:

Teaching Consent: An All-Inclusive Conversation
5:30 – 8:30, OISE 5-280
“Teaching Consent: An All-Inclusive Conversation” is a 3-hour panel and small-group activity event that’s all about inclusivity, nuanced discussion, and the topic of consent. Drawing on current events in the province, participants will have an opportunity to discuss methods for broadening consent education, in-school and out, for students from different backgrounds and in varying age groups. We’ll talk about how factors like identity and marginalization can change how consent needs to be considered, and what educators (or educators-in-training) can do to bridge this gap. Featuring Nadine Thornhill and Karen BK Chan

For all upcoming events, please visit our event page.

Recurring Events:

SEC is excited to introduce regular programming. We’re now featuring weekly and monthly workshops on a variety of sex and sexuality topics to enhance your experience with us! Check out the event page for our first events, Breathe, Move, Connect: A Monthly Yoga Workshop, and our Monthly Dance Workshop



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