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Welcome to the University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre’s Sexual Awareness Week (SAW)! #SAW2016

SAW is a week of fun, free events all about celebrating sexuality and sexual health that takes place on St. George campus over the course of a week this Februrary! Join us for a variety of drop in events on topics from asexuality to consent to kink. Throughout this week there’s something for everyone, so come and learn something new!

For more information about UTSEC, our office is located at 21 Sussex Ave., Unit #612, 416 978 8732.
Twitter: @utsec
Facebook: @UofTSEC

For specific SAW-related concerns, please email:


Monday, Feb 8th


-Sexual Pain: A Peer Support & Discussion Group:

4-6 PM in the UTSEC office (21 Sussex, unit 612)

Sexual pain is an issue experienced by many, but rarely talked about, especially in sex-positive circles.

If you experience sexual pain–whether it be physical, emotional, or otherwise–and would like to talk about your experiences in a safe, peer-supported environment with others who know what you’re going through, this is an event for you. Join us as we explore issues of sexual pain and navigating relationships, disclosure, and intersecting issues like disability, trauma, dysphoria, and more. Refreshments provided.

This event will be in the UTSEC office at 21 Sussex Ave (Unit 612).

Accessibility information: building is wheelchair accessible with lift (must call ahead) with wheelchair accessible washroom and gender neutral washroom. ASL interpretation provided. Quiet space will be made available for those who need it. Space is scent- and nut-free.

If you have any questions, concerns, or accessibility needs, please email:


-Women Attracted Women’s Mixer (with WGSSU): 6-9 PM in the WGSI Lounge (40 Willcocks Street)
This will be a fun, casual social for lesbian, bisexual, and other same gender attracted women to meet each other, make connections, share experiences, and form bonds on campus. Open to all women attracted people – cis, trans, and otherwise – who identify wholly or in part as women. Vegetarian and vegan refreshments will be provided. Please let us know if you have any accessibility concerns or ways we can help accommodate you!

Tuesday, Feb 9th

-Asexy Time (with Asexual Outreach): 3-6 PM; OISE Room 11-115**

This workshop will be lead by Asexual Outreach University of Toronto (AOUT) and will cover the history of some of the basic 101 definitions and labels used within the asexual community, while discussing and challenging societal notions of relationship hierarchies. Some topics covered will include the asexual and aromantic spectrums, different types of relationships, and a discussion of compulsory sexuality and amatonormativity.

AOUT is a university club that works to provide intersectional education about asexuality and the ace spectrum. Additionally, AOUT hosts regular socials in a safe and inclusive environment. AOUT supports the ace community by promoting awareness of issues faced by ace-spectrum people and by striving to represent the community’s diversity. You can contact President Brian Langevin at for more information.

SEC-sy Talk: What about Race & Religion?
4-6 PM in the UTSEC office (21 Sussex, unit 612)

As a part of Sexual Awareness Week, the Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto is proud to host our event, “SEC-sy Talk: What about Race and Religion?” This discussion-style group is intended to provide students and community members with an opportunity to talk about sex, especially as these issues intersect with racialized and religious identities. Some prompts for the conversation may include (but are not limited to):

How are racialized/religious folk stereotyped in sexual contexts? What notions of desirability and undesirability surround such bodies?

How do racialized/religious folk learn about sex/sexual health/sexual matters in ways that may be considered non-normative to non-racialized/non-religious folk?

What unique forms of violence do racialized/religious “Others” face?

How do racialized/religious folk respond to dominant discourses around sex? How do they attempt to resist and even decolonize the dominant ideas/notions/conceptualizations of sex/sexual health/sexual issues?

While everyone is encouraged to come out, we will attempt to afford particular attention to the voices of marginalized folk. Let’s create a safe and productive space!

Wednesday, Feb 10th


DIY Body Scrubs!: 3-6 PM; 21 Sussex, room 415

Take a break from studying and come on out! All materials will be provided – all we need is you!

Bring your friends or meet some new ones, and create your own personal body scrub to bring home at the end of the event! Body scrubs are exfoliating skin products, often made with sugar or salt, which are rubbed on the body to exfoliate and refresh the skin. They feel and smell wonderful, which means they are a wonderful tool for relaxation and self-care. Alternatively, use them with a partner, as a fun form of non-sexual intimacy.

You are welcome (though not required) to bring your own container/jar to keep your scrub in.

This is an inclusive event and everyone is welcome! The space is accessible, and a gender-neutral washroom is available. FREE

Thursday, Feb 11th

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Healthy Relationship Bingo (with SafeU): 5:30-6:30 PM in Bahen Centre room B025**

Join the SafeU Peer Team for Sexual Health to play the Healthy Relationships Bingo game, as part of #SAW2016! Over the course of an hour, learn about things to Look for in a Relationship; Red Flags; Obstacles to a Healthy Relationship; Green Flags; and Skills to Build a Healthy Relationship.

Workshop will be in room B025 of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. Please email: if you will require elevator use ahead of time. Gender neutral washrooms available.

All students welcome, but we will be capping participation at 20 players, so be sure to get there early! FREE


Q21 Cafe (with SGDO):

3-4:30 PM in the SGDO office (21 Sussex, room 416-17)

How do you communicate consent?
How do you feel when you state your boundaries?
What is your understanding of “embodied consent” and “empowered sexuality”?

In this discussion you are invited to share ideas/stories/strategies on the topic of intimacy, boundaries and giving and receiving consent. How do we navigate this complicated territory? Through an informal yet structured conversation circle, folks can offer their voices of experience as a way to build community and capacity among peers. Hopefully we can create a space where people gain confidence in identifying and articulating the emotions that emerge while setting intentions around sexual activities.

Alexia Dyer is a Community Health Promoter at Planned Parenthood Toronto who identifies as a white, cis, queer settler. She develops and delivers trauma-informed sexual health education to folks experiencing marginalization and who have experienced trauma and violence. Originally from Winnipeg, Lex moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education with a research focus on racialized sexual violence and the need to decolonize social service practices. Her work is informed by her varied experiences as a sexual assault counsellor, social justice activist, youth counsellor, mediator, and sexual health educator. She likes to think about trauma, harm and healing from a restorative justice lens, and she especially loves thinking about her amazing, tailless cat.

Friday, Feb 12th

Kink 101: 5-7 PM in the UTSEC office

Topics that will be discussed include: BDSM acronyms, language, BDSM and the law, basic safety need-to-knows, fantasies, and the fun of props! We welcome all questions. Opportunities will be available for attendees to ask questions anonymously.

This workshop will be located at the Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) located at 21 Sussex Ave, Unit #612. This space is wheelchair accessible and scent-free. No refreshments will be served, although you are welcome to bring your own. Active listenners and a quiet space will be available.

Kink 201:
7-9 PM in the UTSEC office

U of T’s Sexual Education Centre is proud to present Kink 201: Dominance & Submission!

Whether you’re curious about incorporating this into your relationships, have tried it already, or just want to know what on earth dominance & submission is, you’re invited to come out to this workshop.

Come learn about power exchange, types of relationships, safety, and the backbone of what makes a successful and healthy dominant & submissive dynamic.

This is a safe, inclusive, and confidential space. All experience levels welcome.

 Current Events:

Recurring Events:

SEC is excited to introduce regular programming. We’re now featuring weekly and monthly workshops on a variety of sex and sexuality topics to enhance your experience with us!

Past events

SEC is proud to offer a number of events throughout the year. Some of our past events include:

  • Kinky Craft Week! A week full of creative and naughty crafting, from how-to make your own tutus to nipple pasties and horns!
  • “Teaching Consent: An All-Inclusive Conversation” Featuring Nadine Thornhill and Karen BK Chan
  • Sexual Awareness Weeks (SAW), which included Puppy Love, Sex and Disability, Sex and Mental Health, Partner Yoga, Body-positivity workshops, Sex and Mental Health Discussions and oh-so much more.
  • Bedslam! An equity focused sex and sexuality open mic night.
  • Participation in DisOrientation with a workshop on self care for activists!
  • Porn Reborn, a conference about the evolution of pornography and new movements in the porn industry. Guests included Tristan Taormino and Bruce LaBruce. There was also a banging afterparty with an art exhibit from numerous contributors; the wonderful, PornARTgraphy. Sponsored by SDSSU, with contributions from Studio 561, LGBTout, the University College Alumni Association, ASSU, the Mark Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, Proud-FM, Good for Her, Come as You Are, Cruiseline, HARDtv, and of course us!
  • Many others!

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  1. I would like to join with your evenets. pls send more information about future events.

  2. Hey! It’s so nice to see people have interest our events.
    Volunteer applications are up; even if you’re not interested in doing the in-office counselling and the like, it’d be swell to have another body to help out with events and the like. Fill one out and put that request as a comment or even join the facebook group here to get information as it becomes available.

    Love, SEC.

  3. is there more event coming up? Sort of missed the ed few years ago

  4. Yes! SAW is coming up February 8-12th 2016

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