Current Events:

The office is now closed for the summer and will reopen again when classes begin in the fall.

If you are looking for safer sex supplies, feel free to come check our door! We’re keeping it stocked over the summer!

We are accepting applications for our 2014-2015 volunteers!

Just head on over to our Volunteer page and download an application form!

Past events

SEC is proud to offer a number of events throughout the year. Some of our past events include:

  • Kinky Craft Week! A week full of creative and naughty crafting, from how-to make your own tutus to nipple pasties and horns!
  • Sexual Awareness Weeks (SAW), which included Puppy Love, Sex and Disability, Sex and Mental Health, Partner Yoga, Body-positivity workshops, Erotic Crafternoons, Sushi and Hentai, Porn and Cookies, Kinky Science Fairs, Student Bathhouse nights, L-films, the Bi-brunch and oh-so much more.
  • Porn Reborn, a conference about the evolution of pornography and new movements in the porn industry. Guests included Tristan Taormino and Bruce LaBruce. There was also a banging afterparty with an art exhibit from numerous contributors; the wonderful, PornARTgraphy. Sponsored by SDSSU, with contributions from Studio 561, LGBTout, the University College Alumni Association, ASSU, the Mark Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, Proud-FM, Good for Her, Come as You Are, Cruiseline, HARDtv, and of course us!
  • A slam-beat poetry session session, co-hosted by RyePride.
  • Toronto Pride Week marches, including this last 2010 Pride!
  • SECxpo– in conjuction with SEC at UTM! It was a one day sextravaganza featuring sex educator Jamye Waxman’s ‘Real Sex v. Porn Sex’, Good for Her’s Carlyle Jansen with ‘BDSM 101′, a screening of Orgasm Inc. by director Liz Canner, and a presentation about that varieties of sex toys by none other than our own Dylan!
  • A Halloween week open house. This year it involved pumpkin carving, spooky erotica readings, a potluck, make-your-own treats and more.
  • 2010-2011 Sexual Awareness Week! We had our fabled Porn and Cookies, A Mardi Gras pub night and sex trivia contest, a panel on healthy relationships, a sexual arts and crafts show, and live, kinky demonstration.
  • Many others!
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  2 Responses to “Events”

  1. I would like to join with your evenets. pls send more information about future events.

  2. Hey! It’s so nice to see people have interest our events.
    Volunteer applications are up; even if you’re not interested in doing the in-office counselling and the like, it’d be swell to have another body to help out with events and the like. Fill one out and put that request as a comment or even join the facebook group here to get information as it becomes available.

    Love, SEC.

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