• Overseeing all committees and members;
  • Serving as the primary agent of SEC to the University of Toronto, U.T.S.U., other organizations, corporations, businesses, affiliates, and government offices;
  • Serving as the spokesperson of the organization and as the primary contact for media outlets, including radio, internet, print and television;
  • Serving as the official contact person with U.T.S.U. and the Office of Student Affairs;
  • Serving as the chairperson for SEC general assemblies and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Serving as a mediator and intermediary in conflicts between Executive Committee members, members, or affiliated organizations;
  • Reserving University of Toronto facilities for the organization as needed;
  • Coordinating necessary arrangements with appropriate agencies to facilitate the responsibilities of the Executive Committee;
  • Ensuring that SEC business is conducted in keeping with the constitution of the organization, appropriate University of Toronto, U.T.S.U. and Student Affairs policies, and Ontario and Canadian law in an accountable, transparent manner.



  • The general maintenance and upkeep of the Centre;
  • Ordering, stocking, and monitoring the organization’s safer sex supplies;
  • Filling and monitoring bulk supply requisitions, and notifying service users of requisitions status in timely manner;
  • Keeping the notifications in the office current, tidy, and relevant;
  • Receiving and sorting mail and messages;
  • Developing an efficient policy with the Executive Committee with regards to bulk supply requisitions to the University of Toronto Colleges and Residence Life officials.



  • Updating and posting the Volunteer Application Form in a timely manner;
  • Coordinating volunteer recruitment initiatives;
  • Reviewing volunteer applications and responding to all applicants in a timely manner;
  • Scheduling and conducting volunteer interviews in consultation with the Executive Committee;
  • Organizing the Volunteer Training with the Executive Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee;
  • Scheduling peer counselling shifts and notifying members of their shift in an appropriate and timely manner;
  • Reviewing counselling records, and providing corrective feedback to members only if deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee;
  • Serving as a liaison between the members and the Executive Committee, as needed;
  • Providing a report regarding absences, concerns of members, and other member related matters at Executive Committee meetings;
  • Serving as a mediator in member conflicts, if deemed necessary by the Executive Committee;
  • Coordinating member oriented events, including the annual Volunteer Appreciation Meal.



  • Ensuring that the organizations resources, including pamphlets, library and referrals material are up to date, accurate and in accordance with SEC’s mission and values;
  • Acquiring and cataloguing new books, videos, pamphlets and magazines;
  • Contacting service users regarding the return of overdue material;
  • Ensuring that the organization’s resources are easily accessible to members and the greater University of Toronto community;
  • Maintaining and developing the SEC website and its content, in collaboration with the Executive Committee and SEC members.



  • Overseeing and managing SEC funds and accounts;
  • Drafting the annual budget in consultation with the Executive Committee, which shall be approved by the Executive Committee;
  • Providing detailed records of SEC expenditures to the Executive Committee and a financial report to the General Assembly;
  • Authorizing cheques and making deposits;
  • Ensuring the timely payment of all honoraria, invoices, and expenditures;
  • Presenting an account of SEC finances at each Executive Committee meeting, to be made
    available to the General Assembly;
  • Providing a comprehensive statement of SEC’s finances to the U.T.S.U. and the Office of Student Affairs upon request;
  • Maintaining SEC’s finances in a transparent and accountable manner;
  • Ensuring that a current budget, and monthly statements are made available in the office;
  • Maintaining and enforcing an Expenditure Policy in consultation with the Executive Committee, which shall be approved by the Executive Committee.



  • Coordinating SEC related educational programming and events on campus;
  • Scheduling, promoting, and developing sexual education presentations, workshops, and programming throughout the year;
  • Coordinating SEC presentation at Orientation (Frosh) and Pride events;
  • Coordinating Sexual Awareness Week, in consultation with the Executive Committee and General Assembly;
  • Coordinating special outreach initiatives including but not limited to, the Female Empowerment Project and the men’s health initiative.
  • Updating the External Education and Outreach presentation for review by the Executive Committee at the beginning of every year.



  • Compiling media articles about the organization;
  • Creating, and/or coordinating the creation of promotional materials;
  • Organizing, and/or coordinating the organization of events to raise the profile of the organization;
  • Serving as an assistant and/or deputy liaison to the Executive Director;
  • Working closely with the Education and Outreach Coordinator(s) to organize and staff SEC tables, booths, and displays;
  • Working closely with the Executive Committee to maintain and further a positive image of SEC, its services, and values in accordance with the constitution in a transparent and accountable manner.



  •  Working with the Executive Director and Executive Body to research and co-ordinate the perusal of a levy increase for SEC in keeping with all UTSU and SEC mandates and policies;
  •  Preparing documents with help from the Finance Coordinator for student union(s) which fund SEC;
  •  Representing SEC and its interests at UTSU service group meetings and GSU service group meetings;
  •  Ensuring SEC’s adherence to relevant UTSU and GSU policies with respect to levy group Memorandum of Agreements;
  • Liaising with other campus service and levy groups where necessary to foster healthy service group relationships and pursue potential collaborative opportunities;
  •  Coordinating any tabling events throughout the year in communication with the External Education Coordinators and PR Coordinator;
  •  Ensuring that the tabling suitcase remains organized and well-stocked throughout the year.

Graduate Student Liaison


  • Must be a graduate student at the University of Toronto
  • Representing the service needs of graduate students to the Executive Committee by collaborating with other executives to improve graduate student outreach and SEC’s services towards graduate students
  • Relaying information about GSU and graduate student events and other relevant graduate student opportunities to the Executive Committee;
  • Aiding the Levy Coordinator with preparation and execution of annual presentation at GSU council meeting