Safer Sex Supplies

The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre provides FREE safer sex supplies, including latex and latex free condoms, lubricants, nitrile gloves, dental dams, and much more at our office. Feel free to drop by anytime during our operating hours to pick up any of these items.

Summer Notices

Our office is closed for the summer. We will reopen in September (specific date TBA).

If you are in need of a bulk order,  click here to fill out the usual order form. As we do not have office hours in the summer, please give us a few weeks advance notice for bulk orders.

Once your order is filled, you will be notified via email and our admin will set up for pick up at the office.

If you are requesting frosh kits, please click here for the order form. Our frosh kits this year will include one SEC business card, one lube packet, and one regular Lifestyles condom.

Frosh kits will not be available for pickup until mid to late August. You will receive a confirmation email once our administrative coordinator has received your frosh kit request.

Bulk Orders 

If you or your organization would like to request a bulk order of supplies, please fill out our online form here. We may need to adjust your order according to our stock availability.

If you do not receive a response, please follow up with our Office Administrator at utsec.bulk@gmail.com

Please note that we do not offer bulk orders for personal use.

SEC does not deliver or ship individual or bulk orders.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation notice. We aim to fill bulk orders within 5 business days. We will notify you when your order becomes available.

Orders will be held for 14 days after a notice of availability is dispatched.

We are unfortunately unable to provide orders of over 150 condoms to groups or events not sponsored or affiliated with the University of Toronto. Supplies other than condoms are the discretion of our administrative coordinator and based on current stock availability.


Safer Sex Menu

Please see below for the list of supplies that SEC provides.
Please note that due to high demand certain products may be unavailable.

Products of the Month!

Keep an eye here for updates!


Regular Condoms


Lifestyles Regular Lubricated
The standard, run-of-the-mill condom. Nothing terribly special about it,
but nevertheless a timeless classic.



Lifestyles Assorted Colours
Regular condoms, except they come in a variety of colours.
They come in red, yellow and green.


Thinner Condoms


Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive 
Thinner condom (0.07 mm wall instead of 0.08),
but just as strong


natural feeling

Lifestyles Ultra Thin
Our thinnest condom, with a 0.055 mm wall
rather than 0.08 mm. Formerly known as Natural Feeling.


Enhanced Condoms



Lifestyles Snugger Fit
Has a contoured shape that fits snuggly
just below the head of the penis. Formerly known as ‘True Fit.’



Lifestyle Ribbed
A condom for enhancing the receptive partner’s
pleasure with its dozens of latex ribs.


Special Condoms


Lifestyles Tough
A stronger condom because of its thicker wall construction.


 Lifestyles Latex Free
 Non-latex condoms for those with latex allergies.



Lifestyles Flavoured
Ideally used for non-penetrative sex only.
Strawberry, banana, or vanilla.



Hardcover Flavoured
Comes in kiwi and grape.

Larger Condoms



Lifestyles Large
Wider than regular condoms.


Non-Lubricated Condoms


Lifestyles Non-Lubricated
Dry latex condoms; ideal for oral sex and for those adverse to lubricant.


Internal Condoms

internal condom

FC2 Internal Condom
At SEC, we call this the Receptive Partner condom as
these can be used both vaginally and anally by both male and
female identified bodies.This is latex-free, and safe for those with latex sensitivities
or allergies – it is made of nitrile, with a polyurethane inner ring.




Non-Friction Lube
Premium water based lube stays slick and fells like silk.
Glycerin-free and does not contain parabens.


Additional lubricant information coming soon.


Dental Dams

Trustex Dental Dams
Flavoured latex sheets. Comes in vanilla, grape, banana and strawberry.

Sheer Dental Dams
We are currently out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Latex sheet for protected oral sex on an orifice (cunnilingus, anilingus, etc).
The brand we carry are scented, not flavoured.


hot dams

Latex Free Dental Dams
We are currently out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Polyurethane sheet for protected oral sex
on an orifice (cunnilingus, anilingus, etc).
Meant for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.


Gloves & Finger Cots

Made of nitrile, they come in small, medium and large.



Nitrile Finger Cots
For fingering fun. Runs small.


Special Items


Health BFP Pregnancy Test Strips
These pregnancy test strips are used for early
pregnancy detection in health centres globally.



Maxithins Maxi Menstrual Products
(Left) One regular sized pad
(Right) Regular Tampax tampon