Volunteer applications are NOW CLOSED!

We’re so sorry, but we’re not accepting any more volunteers for the 2015-2016 year, check back next year to volunteer in the future, or put yourself on our email lists for other SECsy updates!

Volunteering at SEC

All good organizations need good people to help make them work. SEC is no exception. We need volunteers to run our office, distribute supplies, put on seminars, collect resources, and inspire events. That’s not it, of course. Volunteers at SEC are largely self-directed, only really requiring one three (3) hour shift per week in the office.

Beyond that, they can make as much or as little of their time at SEC as they choose. This makes SEC a great place for learning about what you’re interested in and then sharing your knowledge with those around you in a friendly, nonjudgmental, and sex-positive manner. For instance, if you’re interested in the interplay between sex and disability, as a volunteer you’re in a great space to learn more about it. Then, with that knowledge you can do anything from starting a discussion amongst your shiftmates to putting on a seminar to help educate your peers. This makes SEC a great place for learning as well as mobilizing that learning. If you’d  prefer to remain in the office, there are still plenty of logistical tasks that you can fill to help keep SEC running smoothly.

If you’re not sure what you want to get out of SEC but are still interested, our team of executives have a whole bunch of ideas. You can talk with them and they’ll help you develop ideas or endeavors for you to undertake that will foster personal growth and a direction.

You will also meet a ton of great people with a variety of sexual and gender identities, attitudes towards sex, backgrounds, interests, kinks and unkinks. They no doubt will offer perspective and insights from a variety of angles, enriching your worldview and hopefully helping you learn more about sex/uality.

Long story short? You direct what you get out of SEC and our executive will be there to support you every step of the way.

Volunteer at SEC. It’s awesome.

How to Volunteer


In order to start the process of applying to volunteer with us, please fill out the 2015-2016 Volunteer Application form and send it to utsec.volunteers@gmail.com.

Afterwards you may be invited for a brief interview and then to our two day, full day training in September.

Volunteer Application Form 2015-2016

How to Volunteer for External Education

Passionate about sexual heath education? Interested in giving sexual education presentations to members of the UofT community and beyond or helping with SEC events? Consider joining the External Education team! Ex Ed provides an opportunity for SEC volunteers to be part of a team that gives educational presentations all throughout the year. Commitment is very flexible as we leave it up to you to sign up for presentations and events. No experience necessary. There is a mandatory training session/refresher for all 2015-16 Ex Ed volunteers (date TBA). If you’re interested in being a part of the 2015-16 Ex Ed team, please fill out the following application form. WE WANT YOU!

If you are interested in volunteering with us for External Education, please fill out the following form IN ADDITION to your Volunteer Application Form and send it to utsec.ex.ed@gmail.com

External Education Application Form 2015